Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 3, Episode 5 “Give It Up, Princess” (B+)

The Android has always been my favorite character on this show, and every episode that deals with her enhancements is incredibly interesting to me. Obviously the big moment in this episode was seeing her in a red dress setting up a punchline where she told a guy that she never slept with anyone whose ass she had to kick. Yet the bigger thing to me is that she’s so easily able to get these enhancements and that, when she’s using them, she’s not eager to return to her normal mode, since there’s something about feeling real that truly connects with her. She also managed to use the power of the enhancements to their advantage when the team ended up trapped in a sticky situation where the android loyal to Tabor was ready to hold everyone hostage until his master returned, something no one expects to happen at any point soon, if ever. Adrian and Solara are doing well adjusting to being part of the crew, though there are obviously still some bumps. Sending Five in undercover was a risky move given that she’s not really field-trained, but apparently she knows more than her new trainer thought when they started out. Six may be off the job, but his appearance at the end of the episode, both in conversation with Five and on a screen as a secret weapon for Four, proves that he’s not done with the Raza just yet, even if he thinks that he’s left that life behind for more important aims.