Saturday, July 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: House of Cards

House of Cards: Season 5, Episode 5 “Chapter 57” (B+)

It’s truly eerie to see crowds gathered outside the White House chanting “Not my president!” with signs that read “Never Underwood” because such things are commonplace now in real life and happened in this most recent election. Yet Underwood, unlike Trump, was the president, and he’s just waiting to find out if he’s going to continue in that role. Also unlike Trump, he was never actually elected, and therefore I can understand why people are rallying against the idea of him staying in power. His opening history lesson on election laws was both informative and entertainingly-done, and the thought that it could come down to the toss of a coin is a seriously ridiculous revelation about democracy. Claire didn’t even want to hear that there was a possibility that she would be the vice-president with Conway as the president, and I actually think it might be just as likely that she’ll somehow end up being president. Frank questioning Doug’s loyalty was a mistake that he immediately realized and retracted, and none of it compared to the cruelty that Claire exhibited towards Donald when he dared to choose this moment to grow a spine. Aidan being missing is definitely a problem since he could ruin everything for the Underwoods at any moment, and Lisa showing up to talk to Tom about Doug and Rachel is also an instance of especially bad timing. That one can’t hurt Frank nearly as much, but it does put Doug at risk of being very distracted at a time when he can’t afford anything like that.

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