Saturday, October 14, 2017

Round Two: The Mayor

The Mayor: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Filibuster” (C+)

I think this is enough for me. This show isn’t bad, but it’s also unnecessarily repetitive and just not the kind of comedy that I feel I need to get into and watch on a regular basis. I’m sure every episode will end with Courtney learning an important lesson about how he should have known something but still managing to accomplish some version of what he needed through his unusual approach. Using his veto power rather than attending the pre-meeting and the post-meeting was a token example, since David Spade’s Ed Gunt quickly overrode his veto. I’m also not sure why Courtney came up with a great idea like taking a bit from each piece of the pie but then didn’t bother to stick around to put his creativity to use to figure out how to do it, or kill two birds with one stone by detailing in his filibuster what programs could be cut and where. Val was understandably frustrated with his inability to pay any attention to what she was saying, and she also gets to gloat occasionally about how she did in fact tell him so. That’s something I imagine will happen a lot going forward. Dina educating Jermaine about what his job really was did prove to be very roundabout, with him having no clue that all the problems he was noting were in fact his responsibility. This show might last – and it’s better than I and I imagine most expected it would be – but it’s hardly vital television.

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