Sunday, October 22, 2017

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 9, Episode 4 “Grandpa Jack” (B+)

I’d say this is about the best reaction Jack could have had to the fact that he is a grandfather, and that’s because he was able to have a powerful and much-needed impact shortly after meeting him. His sexual orientation was quickly identified after Jack’s demonstration of the pajama party position, which Skip immediately assumed upon entering the apartment. It’s hard to believe that Elliot would end up with a conservative woman from Texas who would so affect his worldview as to convince him to send his son to a gay conversion therapy camp. This show isn’t afraid to tackle big issues like that through a deeply comic lens, and casting Andrew Rannells from “Girls” and “The New Normal” and Jane Lynch from “Glee” as the counselors of the camp was definitely the best way to mock the notion. I’m not sure another show would make light of a character wearing a shock collar designed to help “pray the gay away,” but this show managed it. And at the very least, Elliot realized that he was wrong to send him there, whether or not that means we’re going to see him or Skip again anytime soon. Jack talking and saying the plan along with Will was entertaining, mainly because Will just let it happen without cutting Jack off in the middle of a sentence. To add to its commentary on conservative ideology about being gay, this episode even featured a nod to President Trump with Karen tossing a roll of paper towels to Grace’s preferred employee.

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