Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 9, Episode 4 “Running with the Bulls” (B+)

This show is great at episode-long running jokes, and it also includes a few concepts that come up every few installments. The return of the fatwa was one such instance of the latter, when Larry mistook a funeral nod and caused a mass panic over an arm in a cast, and the death of Funkhouser’s nephew was something that no one directly blamed on Larry but which is sure to come up again soon, especially when Cheryl finds out that Larry was the one responsible for procuring him a prostitute. The casting of Bryan Cranston as his therapist Dr. Templeton was brilliant since the Emmy-winning actor, originally known for his “Malcolm in the Middle” comedy and now for his “Breaking Bad” drama, knew just how to respond to all of Larry’s stupid suggestions in therapy, like his concern over the lack of the 72nd virgin and his opinion that he bought the good chair for himself rather than his patients. The concept of “patient-doctor confidentiality” is hilarious, and I love that Larry’s attempt to show his respect for the made-up thing in earshot of Templeton made him look so suspicious that Susie knew something was up with Jeff. Forcing him to buy the house that was way out of his price range because she knew he was sleeping with the realtor was revenge fitting for this show. Larry’s long-running competition with Richard Lewis for the better seat was entertaining, and of course it blew up at the funeral when Larry’s bribe to reserve a seat didn’t work out too well.

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