Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 4, Episode 3 “Chapter Sixty-Seven” (B+)

Some of our plotlines are moving remarkably fast, with important developments that present irreversible consequences for the relationships involved. The two most unfortunate run-ins happened when Mateo heard that Rafael didn’t like Adam and when a very bold Katherine decided to confront Jane on as a rageaholic when Rafael told her that Jane had a three-week rule about meeting Mateo. Adam did a fantastic job when he was around Mateo, talking about his superpowers and even impressing Rafael, and his suspicious texts were explained away as a gesture of kindness to Jane. The fact that he’s panicking now is worrisome, but his speaking up and the putting off of the subsequent conversation give me hope that all is not lost for them. I’m much more concerned about Rafael’s response to Katherine crossing the line with Jane since she doesn’t appear to have any endearing qualities, representing a whole different kind of likeable villainy than Petra did way back in the day. I’m no fan of Magda, and therefore I’m hopeful that she and Anezka will head back to the Czech Republic soon, and the arrival of Rose’s muscle can’t be good news for anyone. Darcy’s pregnancy felt like the biggest beneficiary of the fast-forwarding done by the narrator in this episode, and while it ended with two naked men in the birthing pool and a baby that came out very quickly, it also seems to have left Rogelio in love with his new child - understandably - and Xiomara worried about being left on the sidelines. They’ve made it through worse, but this could be a rocky patch.

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