Sunday, October 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: Mr. Robot (Season Premiere)

Mr. Robot: Season 3, Episode 1 “eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h” (B+)

I was excited to have this show back since I still contend that it’s one of the most fascinating series on television, and I’m not sure why people seemed to drop off during what I found to be a very engaging, if still immensely puzzling, season two. This start was immediately made great due to the featuring of new cast member Bobby Cannavale, who made just as much of an impression as he did in his first scene on “Boardwalk Empire,” trying to use his free milkshake coupon during the same visit at a burger place before taking a call during which he asked, “Is he dead?” Irving is a super new addition to the cast, and his remote police car slowdown trick was pretty cool. That was one intense, powerful monologue that Elliot delivered with clips of the Trump administration and much more, talking about how it’s actually all his fault that they didn’t start a revolution. Seeing the in memoriam posters of those who lost their lives in part because of their connection to him was meaningful, and it’s good to see that he, with Darlene’s help, was able to shut the back door even if he didn’t have time to dismantle the whole system. The crucial new piece of information, which other viewers may have known but I didn’t know until now, is that Angela is firmly on team Mr. Robot, somehow convincing herself that she’s still being a good friend to Elliot while she actively works with Irving and Tyrell to make sure that Elliot and Darlene aren’t able to dismantle what they’re trying to do, something I still don’t quite understand and don’t think I ever will. This is the first major acknowledgment that someone else knows that he has a split personality and can tell which one is which. This may be the most concrete understanding I’ll ever have of what’s going on here, but I’m ready for another mind-boggling season.

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