Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: Narcos

Narcos: Season 3, Episode 6 “Best Laid Plans” (B+)

This show has always been very good about following its central narrative closely and then introducing new elements that were there the whole time but our characters weren’t necessarily aware of existing. The surprise attack by the North Valley is one such thing that didn’t even need to be narrated by Pena since it managed to change the whole dynamic of the evening, when Jorge was furious that Feistl and Van Ness had shown up without any backup but still knew that there were men who wouldn’t supposed to be there ready to make a move. He did manage a promotion to top security guy, bypassing David, but his wife was pretty damn angry to find out that he was working with the Americans, and we’ve seen how problematic it can be when a spouse isn’t willing to do exactly what the DEA tells her. I’m glad that Christina isn’t dead, but I don’t imagine she has a bright future at all since Pena will surely still try to put Franklin behind bars, especially if he’s not going to testify. Chepe wasted no time at all confronting the journalist who had been watching the salon and gone public after the explosion, and he had no problem executing him in public when it was clear that he wasn’t going to make a deal. Now, Chepe and Pacho are both back in Cali, and Miguel is going to war, something that the DEA is not prepared for and which is going to leave a lot of people dead.

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