Monday, October 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: Narcos

Narcos: Season 3, Episode 7 “Sin Salida” (B+)

Pena is making some impressive moves this season, and it’s a shame that he’s being so constantly thwarted by forces that seek only to protect the Rodriguez brothers and keep the Cali cartel very much in operation. He went out of his way to find a man he knew to be pure and whose men would be entirely uncorrupted. It’s clear that this is the time that action needs to be taken since Miguel and Pacho are set on launching an all-out war due to their dissatisfaction with the way they believe they’ve been treated, and Pena was literally inches away from getting Miguel and being one step closer to breaking apart the apparatus of this violent machine. This show has done some fakeouts in the past, but after Pena pulled open the door in the floor to find Gilberto pointing a gun at him, it made sense that, once again, he and his two agents would be drilling into the very spot where Miguel was hiding, only to be told, seconds before they revealed that he was there, that they were acting illegally because it was a private residence. Pena didn’t fight much at that point, and I don’t know if they’re going to have any more success, especially as the war escalates. Jorge remained calm under pressure, turning off the radios as subtly as he could, when he unintentionally ended up being in the wrong place when the raid was supposed to take place. His wife leaving with the kids is a big sign since David has violent impulses, and not getting caught might prove irrelevant to their ultimate fate.

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