Monday, October 23, 2017

What I’m Watching: Transparent

Transparent: Season 4, Episode 5 “Born Again” (B)

This show has done this before, focusing last season on Rabbi Raquel when she wasn’t even really connected to the plot anymore. I’ve always found Davina to be a strong character, but she hasn’t been germane to the main storyline in a long time. Checking in on her in the middle of one fight with Sal that was apparently enough to get her to move out seemed completely random, and of course Ali happened to be in Israel so that when she called Maura there was a place for her to be able to stay and a pool in which to reflect on her past with friends. It just feels pretty random, the way that most things on this show do since nothing is really terribly chronological. The same was true for flashing back to when Ali was born, complete with Molly Bernard’s dead-on impression of Judith Light, which to me is much more impressive than Mario, who is slowly driving Josh insane. Taking the whole family, including Bryna, to Israel for a mega-reunion is sure to be a memorable event, and Ali and Maura are just quietly preparing for it in that white house. I’m most excited for Sarah and Len to stop by Lila’s mom’s house to give her the gift sent by her daughter since I imagine that they’re going to have an awkward time describing exactly what their relationship with her is because, well, even they don’t really know. Something tells me the woman will understand if she knows her daughter well.

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