Friday, October 6, 2017

What I’m Watching: Vice Principals

Vice Principals: Season 2, Episode 3 “The King” (B+)

It’s great to see this show move past Neal’s obsession with finding the person who shot him to focus on Lee and his attempt to become popular with the new set of teachers, a montage of his death traps aside. Season one was all about Neal realizing that no one liked him, and now it’s the formerly beloved Lee who is the subject of offensive cartoons and has to be as mean as possible to try to get him back to where he used to be. But he’s also very crucially not treating his number one ally well, and while Neal doesn’t have real power to do anything to him, it’s still to his advantage to make sure that they’re getting along. Lee asking his wife about his size was a humorous moment since she really just didn’t care, and sending in Neal undercover to find out who drew the caricature was expectedly unproductive since there’s no one who has anything good to say about Lee. What I liked best about this episode was the interaction we got to see between Amanda and Neal, as she got closer to having her book published and then stormed in to chastise Neal for impersonating a police officer to intimidate her writer boyfriend, played by Fisher Stevens, best known for shouting about coffee cups with nipples on “Friends” and producing the dolphin documentary “The Cove.” The content of their conversation was certainly unfiltered, thanks in no small part to Neal talking about certain aspects of Amanda’s body. I’m eager to see their relationship progress since something tells me they’re going to get back together by the series’ end.

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