Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 5, Episode 10 “Bob the Builder” (B)

Even more than last episode, it feels like everything’s falling apart, and there’s not one character whose narrative is looking up at the moment. It seemed like Ray was broken by Natalie’s death, but he was still up for completely disregarding Sam’s explicit direction not to mention Doug to the police and then taking his brothers to go steal back Bunchy’s money. Most people who get arrested don’t set out to commit a crime just hours later, but Ray has always operated by his own rules. His choice of a home shopping network was strange, and I guess that’s what constitutes a meltdown for this fixer. It is an art, one that Daryll and Mickey haven’t quite mastered. Jay’s decision to call in the district attorney was bold given that he did still kill someone and then tried to cover it up even though it was an accident. Mickey seems like a big enough fish, but I don’t think Jay really got Daryll to admit anything, and, following his long-standing erection, Mickey isn’t going to back down and give in to this fate. Bridget tried to take matters into her own hands by going after Dr. Bergstein, played by Kim Raver from “24,” and all she managed to do was join the family lineup as the latest Donovan to get arrested. Ray’s not done breaking the law either, and though he was resistant to Sam’s request for him to kill Doug, I have a feeling that he’s going to try to clean this mess up in a way that somehow helps honor Natalie’s memory, which may well involve getting rid of someone who made her unhappy.

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