Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What I’m Watching: Episodes (Series Finale)

Episodes: Season 5, Episode 7 “Episode 507”

Let me start by saying how sad I am to see this show go. While forty-one episodes isn’t a short run in many ways, especially spread out over five seasons, this series could have remained fresh for much, much longer. Fortunately, this finale was very fitting, presenting a cool way to wrap things up that felt satisfying. Ultimately, while this show covered a lot over its run, it’s a rather simple story of two Brits who aren’t happy in America but are at their best there, with their highs and lows centered around one obnoxious comic actor. Matt’s attempt to just avoid talking to Beverly and Sean was pretty lackluster, and I like that he ended up coming back to them, begging them to let him star in their new show. The fact that they were writing a version of this show, where Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh played Beverly and Sean, was fantastic, and sweet in just the right way. I love that we got to see Carol make up with Helen in a bathroom after vomiting for an alarmingly long time, and that they appear to be headed towards a promising future together. Even Morning and Merc got to be happy, apparently, and I’ve always enjoyed both of them as characters. I know that Matt LeBlanc prefers to do traditional sitcoms because it’s a better schedule, but this was a superb role for him. None will compare to Kathleen Rose Perkins, however, who is the indisputable series MVP for her amazing performance as the overly energetic Carol, who went through a great arc this season. I look forward to revisiting this show at some point and recommending it to everyone I know in the meantime!

Series finale: B+
Series grade: A-
Season MVP: Kathleen Rose Perkins
Season grade: A-
Series MVP: Kathleen Rose Perkins
Best Season: Season 2 and Season 3
Best Episode: Episode 207

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