Saturday, October 7, 2017

Round Two: Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I: Season 1, Episode 2 “The First Step” (B)

I liked this pilot a whole lot more than I expected to, and therefore I wanted to give this episode a chance. While it wasn’t quite as strong, it possesses most of the same qualities, and I think I’ll stick it with it for a bit longer. I’m pleased to report that all three time periods seem to be equally engaging, with some decent follow-ups to the plotlines started in the first episode. The young Alex was ready to transcend social ladders after discovering that his new stepbrother paid a cool kid to invite him to sit with them, and naturally his big gamble turned into a monumental embarrassment, earning him a new nickname associated with tripping instead of choking, hardly an improvement in the grand scheme of things. His inventions do continue to come in handy, and his locker opener was quite the gadget. As an adult, he actually had a great chance to go on an enjoyable date after being teased for staying in and eating waffles most of the time, and I was thrilled to see the always great Kat Foster from “Weeds” as Lauren. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to pan out since he didn’t go for it, and I assume we sadly won’t see her again. In the future, which we should identify as the future since self-driving cars apparently exist even though people like Alex prefer to still pretend that they’re driving them, Alex went for it in a big way with Nori, preparing the most intimate of romantic dinners for their date. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend, and his attempt at a grand gesture to win her over just resulted in her getting engaged. I can tell that he’s going to have a lot of missed opportunities with Nori, but it’s good to see that he continues to try no matter how old he is.

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