Sunday, December 30, 2018

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best TV Series – Drama

The competition:
The Americans aired its sixth and final season on FX, earning its very first bid in this category. Stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are nominated for the second time after bids in 2016. Rhys won the Emmy this past year, and the show contended twice for Best Drama Series at the Emmys. The ensemble is nominated at the SAG Awards.

Bodyguard aired domestically on Netflix after its British premiere run and has yet to be renewed for a likely second season. Star Richard Madden is nominated.

Homecoming aired its first season on Amazon. Stars Stephan James and Julia Roberts are both nominated for their performances. Creator Sam Esmail’s series “Mr. Robot” won this award in 2015.

Killing Eve aired its first season on BBC America. Star Sandra Oh is nominated for her performance, contending this past summer at the Emmys and currently at the SAG Awards.

Pose aired its first season on FX. Star Billy Porter is nominated for his performance. Creator Ryan Murphy won this award in 2004 for his series “Nip/Tuck.”

Additional notes: Last year’s winner, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” was snubbed this year. Freshman series very often win this award, though it’s rare for a show to earn its first bid multiple years into its run.
Who should win? I only watched the first episode of “Pose,” and sampled most of “The Americans.” I’m halfway through “Homecoming,” which is interesting but not entirely even, and I don’t love “Killing Eve” nearly as much as most seem to. “Bodyguard,” on the other hand, was fully engaging for the entirety of its six episodes.
Who will win? Four hot new shows will go head-to-head. Though “Pose” may benefit from its incorporation of Donald Trump as a negative figure in its plot, I think that Homecoming will ultimately win.

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