Sunday, December 9, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Good Place

The Good Place: Season 3, Episode 10 “Janet(s)” (B+)

There are two pieces of amazing news to share about this show since it last aired. The first is that, well before many other shows are given the same confirmation, it’s already been renewed for a fourth season! Three years in, it’s finally been nominated for a major series award, contending for the top comedy prize along with star Kristen Bell at the Golden Globes. It’s an extremely deserved honor, and this episode was a very fun exercise that also provided a new twist which helps to explain part of why our protagonists might have ended up in the bad place aside from the reasons we already know. Having the four humans look and sound like Janet was extremely funny, and dressing them all in their usual clothes made for even more fun. Chidi Janet starting to teach them all about philosophical theories of experience was only the beginning, and Eleanor Janet pretending to be Jason Janet was clever. I love that Chidi was able to save Janet’s void from self-destruction by kissing Eleanor, and now their feelings have been realized in a fantastic way. Stephen Merchant was a superb casting choice to play Neil, and the discovery that no one has gotten into the good place in 521 years suggests that something really is up and not right. It’s great to see Michael hatch a plan, and them getting to what must be the back room of the good place where Eleanor can no longer swear is an amazing conclusion to send the show on hiatus before its final three episodes of the season start up again in a month.

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