Monday, December 31, 2018

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 6, Episode 10 “Baby” (B)

Things have certainly taken a dark turn, with allegiances continue to shift moment to moment. Bridget seemed like she was ready to leave Smitty without any notice, and then she ended up getting taken by the corrupt cops who want to make sure that Ray doesn’t do anything with the incriminating recording of Ferrati. Mac, who has been Ray’s most dependable ally this whole season, is now the villain who’s only treating Bridget slightly more sentimentally than someone who has no connection to our title protagonist would. Mickey’s attitude changed completely when he showed up to demand his money back from Ray, and now he and Daryll are doing the dirty work to beat the location out of the guy they decided to abduct from the bar. Sam telling Ray that she wouldn’t release the tape and then doing exactly that felt like unnecessary revenge since she may have sealed Bridget’s fate, though that turn of events would feel a bit too disturbing for this show, which only offs minor recurring players like Justine. Bunchy getting arrested by the FBI is a long time coming, though I’m still mesmerized that Mickey is free and clear. With two episodes left, we have to hope Bridget isn’t dead, but my question remains, what happens after that? Does this show really deserve a seventh season at this point, or has this story been milked for all it’s worth? No matter how this plays out, there’s not much coming back for Ray after the one member of his family he truly cares about has been put in such clear and sever danger.

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