Friday, December 7, 2018

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 8 “Bunker Hill” (B)

If I hadn’t already deduced that Nia was hiding something due to her clearly fake narcolepsy, I’d remember accidentally reading seeing Nia also billed in episode credits as Dreamer. Finding out that she’s an alien whose female members sometimes have the ability to dream the future is cool, and obviously she has some major significance since Brainy was very wary of sharing details so that he wouldn’t inadvertently affect the timeline. Her powers came in very handy here, though I’m always surprised that Kara isn’t more willing to share her secret identity with those who are clearly trustworthy. Not revealing it to the American people, on the other hand, makes sense, though now it’s made her a free agent who I suspect is going to end up being considered an enemy combatant by Haley and the president, who are more sympathetic to “human rights” than aliens who don’t commit crimes and fight terrorism. Hank picked an inconvenient time to try to get into Manchester’s head, and fortunately no one else got seriously hurt before Kara literally raised the roof while under the nth metal and took him out so that he could head to prison. Protests going on outside Catco indicate problematic times to come when it really will be humans pitted against aliens, but I’m much more excited by what’s happening in the next episode, which will air at a special time on Tuesday. Ending with a different Flash being threatened with a big book on Earth-90 makes me so pumped for the Elseworlds crossover, which will air three nights in a row at 8pm beginning on Sunday. Bring it on!

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