Thursday, December 13, 2018

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 6, Episode 7 “The 1-3-2” (B+)

We’ve seen Ray backed into a corner before, but never have things felt so out of his control, even when he was drinking regularly as much as he did at the end of this hour. The important lesson is that punching Feratti was a big mistake since he runs everything, and what may have seemed like a simple physical act was actually a hugely detrimental one. The police knowing exactly what he’s been up to is disconcerting, and they have clear instructions for what he needs to do next, something that’s going to put him at odds with the employer who so graciously welcomed him to New York and set him up with everything he needed. Getting Justine to go on a talk show and tell the truth about what happened in the park was a devastating blow to Anita’s campaign, and Lena seemed to take the manipulation of Justine personally in a way that probably still won’t make Ray’s most dependable ally question her loyalty. Mac being ordered to get Ray to name Sam probably won’t go well, and there might not be a way out of this for him that doesn’t end with him or someone he loves getting very hurt. Bridget was right to question just how much distance it would take for her to be far enough away from him, yet it was Mickey who showed up to scare Smitty before he bumped into a cop at Penn Station and is now probably going to get caught as he tries to outrun them. This was a particularly poignant episode for Bunchy as he got the chance to confront the religion that had failed him after he and his brothers got to beat up some guys like the good old days in a Boston bar.

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