Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What I’m Watching: Counterpart

Counterpart: Season 2, Episode 3 “Something Borrowed” (B+)

This was an intense and transformative episode, one that demonstrated that J.K. Simmons isn’t the only one who deserves praise for seamless portrayals of two people in the same episode. I’m not talking about Guy Burnet as Claude Lambert, whose two identities have an interesting relationship that involves snuggling in bed and one taking pleasure out of watching the other have sex with a woman. Olivia Williams is really coming into focus this season as Emily, who is pressing on despite obstacles to learn the truth about what caused what is currently going on on their side, and who is slowly remembering things in our world that indicate that she was really one of the most powerful and influential actors within the agency. Naya coming over to read her back in was an unexpected development, one that helped the new investigation leader understand the scope of what’s happening, including the crucial reveal that the shadow is a woman. Peter’s attempt to use intelligence garnered from listening to Clare’s secret meeting backfired immensely, and now their Howard is in damage control mode to try to fix the situation for all of them, including the problem of Baldwin. In prison on their side, our Howard is holding strong but realizing that he can’t control what people think of him. James Cromwell’s intelligence extractor wants to use him to their advantage, and he too is understanding the lengths that their side will go to so that they can get into the mindset of their others on our side.

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