Sunday, December 16, 2018

What I’m Watching: Goliath (Season Finale)

Goliath: Season 2, Episode 8 “Tongue Tied” (C+)

After all this, I really don’t think the trip was worth it. Season one was full of so many interesting characters and dimensions, and when I finished it just about two years ago, I couldn’t comprehend why it had yet to be renewed. Now, my feelings are very different, having seen what another iteration looks like without many of the same players from season one. The fact that Billy lost in such a big way is disappointing, mainly because there were no winners. Hakeem was completely on Billy’s side at the end, ready to move ahead with charges, but not even all the villains were able to survive. Tom getting taken in by Gabriel rather than the FBI after letting Brittany get away from him led him to a disturbing fate, one that highlights the brutality that has dominated this season. His obsession with watching those who have lost limbs meant for some reason that he needed to lose all of his and then have his tongue cut out because Gabriel needs to show everyone just how horrible he is. Marisol also got away without any consequences, more than happy to tell Billy that she never loved him. I’m so much more interested in Denise and her worrisome drinking that looks all too much like her father’s, and a spotlight on Patty that we just didn’t get this season. I finished this season and wrote this review a few days before it finally got renewed for season three, which I might be open to revisiting since it would feature a new plotline and cast of characters, but I’m not filled either with confidence or satisfaction after concluding this run.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Nina Arianda as Patty

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