Sunday, December 16, 2018

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 6, Episode 8 “Gordons” (B+)

There are so many characters on this show, and with over seventy episodes so far, it’s hard to remember the backstories of a handful of them and particularly what they did before they got arrested. I couldn’t remember specifically how Taystee and Tamika knew each other, and this episode certainly provided that context, flashing back to show how they worked together in Storky’s and Taystee demonstrated far more bravery than her colleague when faced with an armed robbery while high. It’s difficult to see them in the current context when they both represent opposing institutions, and what Taystee said about how the guards treat them is definitely true for other inmates and other guards. Tamika cutting off that relationship is a sad development, but an expected one given its nature. The other events of the hour were mildly predictable if still very engaging, with Alex reluctantly becoming a member of Badison’s crew and Red making allegiances with Carol to get revenge on Frieda, who is sitting pretty in Florida hardly aware that forces are moving against her. Daya trying to help Daddy out and working with Flores in the process earned her a beating and now Flores and Nicky are in a very precarious situation that is sure to end in a brutal way. I wouldn’t have thought that Aleida’s problems working her pyramid schemes would lead her to date a guard, and I’m extremely curious to see what comes of that. Though her role was limited, Piper is beginning to take advantage of her fringe involvement in the cell phone smuggling scheme, picking her own delight of kickball as the prize she wanted to cash in her cards to get.

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