Monday, December 24, 2018

What I’m Watching: Homecoming

Homecoming: Season 1, Episode 6 “Toys” (B+)

This episode was perhaps one of the most haunting because it featured so little of what we’re used to seeing, with Walter only appearing when his mother showed up to protest his being at Homecoming. Marianne Jean-Baptiste, last seen by me running the show on “Blindspot,” was Gloria, Walter’s mother, and Michael Hyatt, from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” was her sister Evita who tried to convince her that she didn’t need to be concerned at all. The shot of all the Geist products gathered on her table was intense, and when she showed up, Heidi swooped in to defuse the situation by calmly offering to bring her in and talk to Walter. She wasn’t too nice to Craig when he said he wanted to go call Colin, and his point about Walter leaving at this point of the meds was indeed troubling. Heidi managed to convince Walter to stay and in the process pissed his mother off so much more, and it’s possible that this visit is what manages to make things fall apart. In the future, Colin pretending to be army vet Hunter to get close to her is indeed nefarious, and he played it perfectly by going in for a kiss and then apologizing before she opted to make the move instead. He has her exactly where he wants her to be, ready to confide in him as she searches her memory for threats that she has no idea are most strongly represented by him, ready to manipulate her recollections to his advantage.

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