Sunday, December 9, 2018

What I’m Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 4, Episode 8 “I’m Not the Person I Used to Be” (B+)

This episode deserves some credit for cleverly bringing back a few characters that we haven’t seen either in a little bit or a very long time, and doing it while not so subtly referencing its impending end. Greg has been gone for so long, and the notion that he would return literally as a different person was a creative way to deal with the fact that actor Santino Fontana has moved on to other projects. Bringing Skyler Astin of “Pitch Perfect” fame in to play the new character who’s a bit like the old one but far more positive seems like a great idea thus far, and it’s good to see him catch Rebecca off guard by not responding to things in the way that she expects. Dropping the bombshell about sleeping with his dad didn’t even go all that poorly though, like Paula, we’ll have to wait a full month to discover what happens next. Josh making perfect matzah brei and Nathaniel being nice were just good progress, and now maybe she’ll be happy with someone else. I’m glad that Valencia and her mystery crush Father Brah didn’t get back into something but instead acknowledged that they missed their shot but still ended up in great relationships with other people/deities. Josh bonding with the unpopular magic club team, led by George, was a fun opportunity for Danny Jolles to finally get a solo song for George (he’s very excited about it). Hector being a terrible class president and White Josh abdicating the prom king throne were fun subplots too. This show won’t be over by Valentine’s Day as everyone kept suggesting, but I do think this episode may have turned a great corner!

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