Monday, December 3, 2018

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 7 “So Long, Division” (B+)

This was an effective follow-up to the terrific episode of this show that aired a few weeks ago, keeping its characters focused on their dynamics without going too over-the-top. Noah telling Grace that she would be able to meet his daughter at some point, just not right away, made the situation far more palatable, but of course Grace had to go and stop by his apartment right away so that she met Katie accidentally. Posing as the math tutor and then trying to hide in the closet was entertaining, and Noah saying “When we break up” turned everything into a far more serious issue that resulted in Grace ordering multiple meals for at least six people. Noah showing up to say that maybe they wouldn’t was sweet, and I’m really getting on board with their relationship since they have their tics but somehow it seems to work. Marilyn bonding with Karen after her dog died was fun, especially since it drove Will crazy, and it’s good to see two relatively similarly-minded individuals getting to know each other. Will’s interaction with his mom wasn’t actually that negative, even if what she wants from him is a bit confusing. Jack trying to rehearse his absurd show led to a hilarious debate about which minority group feels the most slighted in society, representing the best of this show’s social and political commentary, and I love that the door closed itself on the straight white male who suggested that he was more under attack than any group in America.

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