Thursday, December 13, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 5, Episode 9 “Elseworlds, Part 1” (B)

I was pumped for this crossover without knowing much about it other than the fact that Oliver was going to be dressed up as the Flash and Barry as the Green Arrow. It started out in a very comedic way, with the two of them being the only ones who were able to remember that they weren’t who they were supposed to be and no one else believing them. I stopped watching “Arrow” years ago, tuning in only for these events, and therefore I don’t remember much about his dark side, which apparently worries Iris very much since she doesn’t want Barry to become like him. I prefer the wonder of it all, as they get excited about being able to use their abilities, and Barry had a lot of fun shooting Oliver in the back with arrows. I was surprised by the inclusion of Superman since we rarely see him on “Supergirl,” and this was the first time we ever saw Lois Lane. I appreciated the callback to “Smallville” with the use of the opening theme from the popular WB/CW series that predates these modern-day DC successes. Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark sure is smiley, and I’d be fine with having him around more, either on that show or in this epic battle against the book being wielded by the professor played by Jeremy Davies, Emmy winner for “Justified.” It looks like Gotham City is next for part two, and maybe we’ll see more of Oliver’s crew there before hour three might take us back to Earth-38 and Supergirl’s territory.

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