Friday, December 7, 2018

Take Three: The Bisexual

The Bisexual: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

Leila is the type of person who creates drama where there doesn’t need to be any, and her incessant need to focus on something that might otherwise fly under the radar creates plenty of humorous and incredibly awkward moments. She doesn’t like to be defined, either, telling Gabe that seeing a man doesn’t make her straight, and that she hates the term bisexual, which of course is this show’s title, because it makes her think about Tila Tequila and Anne Heche. Her reasons for not being as into sex with a man because of the cleanup were both understandable and entertainingly phrased. She completely freaked out when Deniz showed up and she had to get Jon-Criss to pretend he was Gabe’s friend so that she wouldn’t suspect anything about her having slept with a man. It’s too bad that her obsession with clubbing got her caught with him by the worst person possible, Sadie, who wasn’t even close to understanding when she realized, and Jon-Criss wasn’t too happy when she tried to shut him out either. I enjoyed seeing more of Francisca, who dug at Gabe by telling him that he was “getting round” when he was taking more baklava and did an incredibly dry reading of her “Apples to Apples” or “Cards Against Humanity” card, whichever game it was that there playing. It seemed like she was about to kiss Leila when she mentioned being bisexual while Gabe was in the room, which hardly would have been sensitive and fortunately didn’t actually happen.

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