Saturday, November 9, 2019

Round Two: Mrs. Fletcher

Mrs. Fletcher: Season 1, Episode 2 “Free Sample” (B+)

I liked the second episode of this show, which served as a strong follow-up to the first. There isn’t much that’s glamorous about Eve’s life, and she’s finding excitement in unexpected ways by watching a whole lot of porn at home. Her supermarket encounter with the woman giving free samples was quite racy, and it seems thus far that she’s keeping all of her fantasies to herself rather than trying to act on them in the real world. She eventually agreed to go on a date with Emily’s friend Peter, but there was something too sterile and unenticing about the place where she met him that inspired her to make up an excuse about leaving something on at home and ditch the date. Roy’s constant masturbation got him kicked out, further angering his son George, and Eve seemed perfectly happy to see him when he surprised her during her skinny-dipping session. I recognized Josh Pais from “Touchy Feely” and “Ray Donovan” as Barry in her group, and I wonder whether he’ll have a larger role going forward. Brendan is proving to be even more awful than he seemed in the first episode, declaring that he’s only at college so that he can get a six-figure job. It’s funny that actor Neil Casey is playing Devin, his advisor, since he is also appearing on “Silicon Valley,” which airs right before this show. The representative from the vegan club had Brendan’s number by refusing to even engage with him when he looked her up and down, but autism club representative Chloe, played by Jasmine Cephas Jones from “Blindspotting,” seemed ready to give him more of a chance while also pegging him perfectly. His participation in the consent simulation was far from serious, and what he took away from that hardly underscores his internalization of the material.

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