Friday, November 8, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 5 “Dangerous Liaisons” (B-)

I feel like there was a point recently on “The Flash” where Barry got so angry about what was going on that he couldn’t really contain it anymore, and it seems like Kara is reaching that headspace now. She’s playing dumb with William pretending to look randomly for clues so that she can stay close to what’s going on, and she’s not getting very far, which is frustrating her as the people around her continue to be in harm’s way. There are so many threats that she’s not even aware of, namely Lena, who has successfully mastered mind control over Ma'alefa'ak, an impressive feat considering how he was able to knock Eve over when she tried to take the first step earlier in the episode. Andrea isn’t the head honcho at Leviathan but she’s definitely involved, and the four-armed villain that William was so sure had killed his best friend is – unsurprisingly – none other than that same friend, somehow transformed into a mindless agent of destruction who just follows orders. It’s a good thing that Dreamer is on call to be able to stop giant tidal waves capable of killing billions, and at least every one of the super friends seems to be contributing something to the operation. The virtual mega-launch with the contact lenses was pretty creepy, and the metaphor of the wave crashing down on them was far from subtle. Kelly’s concern about losing another partner on the frontlines really got to her, but Alex’s gift of a helmet may have provided just the right amount of comfort for the time being.

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