Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What I’m Watching: Undone (Season Finale)

Undone: Season 1, Episode 8 “That Halloween Night” (B+)

I don’t know how else this season could have ended, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t know yet if this will be it or if intelligent minds will decide that this incredible story should be permitted to continue. I for one am totally one board with that idea, though it’s not clear if the way this episode concluded was meant to leave it all up to the imagination. Alma’s ability to bring Jacob back with her to the night that he left was very impressive, and she gleaned some very crucial information that her father either neglected to tell her or was no longer able to recall because of the circumstances of his temporal reincarnation. Seeing her mother at the lab to confront Jacob about Alma saying that he had experimented on her was a monumental discovery, and Camila divorcing Jacob was yet another thing he hadn’t mentioned. Jacob evidently realized what was going on and tried to send her back to the moment they started, but Alma has evolved beyond being controlled. Finding out that no one killed him and that it was him who drove the car off the road in some twisted attempt to get rid of Farnaz was devastating, but it does resolve one mystery which Jacob may in fact have need help unpacking. Sam trying to work with Camila to get Alma help showed that he didn’t really believe what she said, but Camila confirmed what Alma had seen during her last trip into the past. Becca coming to find her and support her was a sweet way to end, and I won’t soon stop thinking about this show, its potential, and the extraordinary vision it has presented about time, perception, and the meaning of life. I don’t know what kind of awards it might contend for, but it deserves a lot!

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Rosa Salazar as Alma

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