Sunday, November 24, 2019

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 6, Episode 4 “Maximizing Alphaness” (B)

I found the character of Ethan to be wholly irritating here, and it took way too long for Richard to finally do anything about it and his new loyal intimidating assistant Holden to step in to make sure that he never got out of line again. Richard punching him and injuring himself was the only worthwhile part of that, especially when Tracy explained that she would never advocate violence but still proceeded to demonstrate where to keep your thumb if you were going to punch someone. Jared finding his birth parents was surprisingly easy, and his visit with them was totally absurd if completely on-brand. Learning that they didn’t want him because he was a third child who wasn’t convenient for travel was completely crippling, followed up by the fact that they ended up having a third kid when they felt like it and truly valued the family time that Jared wasn’t going to get to be a part of at any point. Telling him that they weren’t impressed by his presentation was cruel, but perhaps it was just what he needed so that he could feel back at home at Pied Piper. Both Monica and Gilfoyle are encountering obstacles to their professional successes and ego, but those shouldn’t be too problematic or long-standing. Gavin refusing to talk tech isn’t helping anyone, but he’s never been one to adhere to any conventions of normalcy, and something things seem to work out for him in the end every time regardless of that approach.

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