Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 3 “With Enemies Like These” (B-)

This episode was, as has recently been the case, very entertaining but decidedly unserious. Mrs. Timmer banning upstairs food deliveries so that Grace’s endless stream of takeout couldn’t continue felt extreme and vindictive, and somehow it turned out that they’re actually related, with Mrs. Timmer’s criticism of Grace now feeling like what she might hear from her mom. All of the jokes about the physical appearance of any of these four people are always exaggerated since they all look spectacular for their ages, and Will did make a good point about how they should try to support each other rather than constantly criticizing. Chris Parnell, who I’ll eternally remember as Dr. Spaceman on “30 Rock,” was a perfect choice to play the doctor who wanted to shout Will’s hair loss numbers all across the office and who eagerly showed him pictures of his past clients, including one with Jack’s eyes covered but a shirt that said his name on it. Tricking Jack into shaving his head was a fun prank, and I thought for a second that Will had actually done it before he peeled off the prosthetic he had put on (and which likely covered Sean Hayes’ hair as well). I wasn’t sure if we had seen Patton Oswalt before as Stanley’s much smaller brother, and I’m consistently impressed with the roles the actor takes since he’s such a fantastic fit for each of them. He completely embraced this show’s love of double entendres and went shot for shot with Karen as he saddled her with a baseball team who she’ll apparently now be keeping naked all the time while she mixes up sports metaphors.

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