Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 7, Episode 2 “A Good Man is Hard to Find” (B)

I’m not surprised, but I’m also not pleased. I wasn’t feeling great about this show continuing to be on the air, but if something had really changed, like say Mickey being dead and Ray needing to move on from that certainty, that might be different. Instead, Mickey managed to fake his own death, though I would have thought that the detective trailing Ray could easily have seen him come in and knock on the door at his own unofficial memorial service. This just feels like doing the same thing over and over again, and we already had to suffer through a season of slowly losing Abby through flashbacks, a creative choice I didn’t love. What I did appreciate more about this episode was Bunchy’s newfound fearlessness, a far cry from his last response to being held up, which enabled him to take down the would-be robbers and save the day. Terry and Daryll also rarely interact, and so their rather blunt conversation was entertaining and enlightening. Lena making Bridget promise that she won’t get pregnant with either her boss’ baby or Smitty’s was some worthwhile advice, and I wonder whether her return to Los Angeles means we won’t see her anymore. Smitty sure didn’t seem too comfortable with all the stories of shooting priests that were being shared so freely around the family circle. At least they’re all united in their efforts to cover up their role in the death of those three cops, though the likelihood of them getting away with it seems to be dwindling with every new development.

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