Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What I’m Watching: God Friended Me

God Friended Me: Season 2, Episode 9 “Prophet and Loss” (B-)

Though it makes for some relative melancholy viewing, I’m glad to see that Miles is finally experiencing the consequences of his actions. Susan telling him that she knows how the God account works and was wondering where their happy ending was really stung, and now Miles has lost Cara by letting himself get in the way when he tried to argue that it was the God account doing it. Obviously they’re going to have to work to get back together at some point, like Rakesh has now been motivated to do with Jaya, but it took them long enough to realize their attraction to one another, so I wouldn’t count on anything happening too quickly. My wife immediately recognized Paul from actor Tom Everett Scott’s role as Mike on “I’m Sorry,” which made me think he'd be particularly nice, which of course he was. Going along with a scheme he knew wasn’t entirely lawful was a mistake, but at least his only concern was with protecting his family, even if he was trying to go about that the wrong way. Arthur should have learned by now that he really has to be honest with Trish about everything rather than waiting for one of his kids to fill her in on whatever he was doing or contemplating. It wasn’t like him to dismiss a challenger rather than try to work for them, but getting rid of Reverend Elias seems to have been the right choice in this case. William Sadler, a familiar actor who I think I first saw in “Die Hard 2” nearly thirty years ago, was a solid choice to play the rather unpleasant traditional reverend.

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