Saturday, November 30, 2019

What I’m Watching: Mrs. Fletcher

Mrs. Fletcher: Season 1, Episode 5 “Invisible Fence” (B+)

Eve just can’t really catch a break. She tried her best to come on to a guy at the party she went to with Margo, bossing him around and playing rather hard to get only to have him get far too into the role play and then not even concern himself with her satisfaction after they ditched the bathroom for his bedroom. Leading with a line about how she watches a lot of porn probably wasn’t her best bet, and that meant that, despite enjoying a large slice of pizza, she ended the night passed out on her bed, unaware that someone who would have done whatever it was she wanted was texting her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. It’s interesting to contrast Eve’s experiences with those of her son, who again has no clue what to say when he’s around people he doesn’t quite understand. Chloe dressed him down in a fantastic way by pointing out that he’s uncomfortable for the first time in a way that most people are all the time, and for some reason she still felt he deserved a kiss for his lackluster efforts. Zack didn’t seem pleased at all with Brendan’s intrusion into this part of his life and his forced nonchalance about his sexual orientation, and I wonder how that will affect their friendship going forward. We can all cheer for Curtis and Margo, who managed to get together despite some initial awkwardness and will now just have to navigate what their relationship looks like when they get back to class.

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