Thursday, November 21, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 4 “The Chick and the Egg Donor” (B-)

There was something nice about having Will and Grace go through this process of having children together, but that wasn’t likely to continue for long. I didn’t think that Matt Bomer would be sticking around regularly, and as a result, he got to break the news to Will as a result of a text that he had some serious reservations about their plans to become parents. It’s possible that, like Grace, Will will decide that he’s going to do this on his own, but it’s also possible that they’re going to raise one child together instead. This of course all contradicts what happened in the original series finale where they hadn’t spoken in years and their children ended up meeting years later, but I know that we’re supposed to pretend that never happened because NBC opted to bring this show back. Being married to someone doesn’t do much for the other two characters, whose spouses rarely appear. Jack was actually offering moderately good advice to Karen while dressed as a baseball player, though what he suggested wasn’t nearly as helpful as Vanessa Bayer’s returning cake baker and baseball enthusiast Amy. Though it’s miserable to watch Amy take so much abuse from her new intern supervisor, Bayer is quite committed and great. I hope we’ll see more of Patton Oswalt’s Danley since it’s a role perfectly made for him, supporting the absurd character of Stan with his vengeful brother who actually just wants a chance to be with his former sister-in-law.

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