Monday, November 25, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 6, Episode 6 “License to Elongate” (B)

It feels a bit like we’re just killing time until the crisis begins (two more episodes remain before that), and also that Ramsey just happens to turn up whenever he feels like it the same way that Cicada, Savitar, and Zoom all did before him. That said, this episode felt decently worthwhile by its end thanks to the differentiating of Ralph and Barry from their alter egos. Barry creating a public opportunity for the Flash to officially hand off the job of saving the city to Elongated Man was the perfect inspiration for Ralph to show Barry that he had plenty of value without his powers and his secret identity. I especially liked when Barry got to pretend to be drunk on stage and create an appropriate distraction to buy Ralph some time. Barry being presented with the medal of honor was moving, and it’s a nice thought that, if the lead character on this show did somehow end up dying, both the Flash and Barry Allen would be missed by the residents of Central City. Carlo Rota from “24” and “Jane the Virgin” seemed to have a blast chewing scenery as Remington Meister, and I liked Barry mocking Ultraviolet’s Mortal Kombat get-up. Allegra and Nash made a surprising connection while Cecile got way too involved in the wrong way in Chester’s love life. I’d like to see more of Chester, a character whose energy matches Cisco’s and could be put to good use. Team Flash could always use more members, and he’d be a great official addition.

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