Friday, November 22, 2019

What I’m Watching: Batwoman

Batwoman: Season 1, Episode 7 “Tell Me the Truth” (B-)

It was pretty convenient to have yet another person who knows that Kate is Batwoman show up so that Kate could offer incontrovertible proof that she isn’t Batwoman to Sophie. That said, I’d imagine that Julia wouldn’t have been so eager to stand in for her when there was a gun out there rumored to be able to pierce Batwoman’s armor and kill her. It was lucky that Alice intervened to make sure that the gun wouldn’t actually work so that she could keep her sister safe; otherwise, things would have gotten very tragic. Sophie managed to really embarrass herself by confessing how she felt to a woman that wasn’t actually her ex, and I don’t buy one bit of her show of commitment to her husband. The flashbacks are decently informative, and it’s worthwhile to see Kate as a figure who wants to fight to be who she is, opening up a gay bar right across the street from the restaurant where she was turned away because she was a lesbian. It’s good to know that she has a skilled ally in the form of Julia, who is likely to return again as Batwoman needs help to keep Gotham safe. We didn’t get to see Jacob confront Kate about being Batwoman, and presumably now he won’t do that anytime soon. More disconcertingly, these face masks are getting to be very dangerous, particularly now that Mouse is wearing one that looks just like Jacob, allowing him lots of access into places where he can do lots of damage.

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