Thursday, November 21, 2019

What I’m Watching: Living with Yourself

Living with Yourself: Season 1, Episode 5 “Va Bene” (B+)

Maybe it’s a good thing I decided to stick with this show. This was the best installment yet, and that was mainly because it was all about Kate. Aisling Bea already turned in some fine work in the previous episode, and now she delivered in an incredible way this time. I enjoyed the measure of time as “B.C.” or before cloning, and I like that the moment, always scored with the same music, of the real Miles walking in to deliver his clone’s punchline is a central turning point for every episode’s catch-up. I was happy to see Ginger Gonzaga from “Kidding” as Kate’s business partner Meg, who for once had less to say than the person she was with, at least when Kate finally chose to let their client have it by telling him forcefully that he needed to grow up. That was a formidable scene, and it made sense that she’d need to have an outburst like that after dealing with the client who thought they were from Goodwill and the overconfident Da8er CTO. What I didn’t realize is that she had made a profile on the dating site just before Miles went in to close himself, just as serious a step as going in to try to put the deposit down on the IVF without Miles being involved. Showing up to the date at the end demonstrated that she wants to retake control of her life, but meeting the other Miles is a major move that’s going to make the real Miles really mad, unless this is a clone of Kate that we’re seeing, which will even worse since the real Kate won’t be happy one bit about that.

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