Monday, November 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 6, Episode 3 “Hooli Smokes!” (B+)

I’ve missed the crazy stakes present on this show and just how quickly fortunes can be gained and lost in the span of a single episode. Buying Hooli is a big get, but there could easily be a few more major moves in the remaining four episodes given this show’s usual pace. Maximo teaming up with Colin and Laurie was bad news, and regardless of whose math was right, things were not looking up for everyone. Leave it to Gavin to have a flash filled with kombucha instead of alcohol, and for him to turn down Richard’s brilliant mutually beneficial deal just because he doesn’t believe in playing nice. Having people literally push him and change him during the triathlon was typical, and I’d hope that his win would be discredited if it actually mattered now that he’s been ousted from his own company. Richard and the team did move very quickly, and their takeover went smoothly, which now positions them to be in great shape to potentially survive for a bit. Jared hid his emotions during Richard’s apology behind his sunglasses, and I imagine he’ll come back to work with Pied Piper or Hooli if Richard invites him. I enjoyed the brief appearance by Ben Feldman as Richard’s lawyer Ron, who offered to be honest with Richard for once, a statement that rightfully worried his top client. We don’t see enough of Jian-Yang or Big Head anymore – I hope we’ll have the chance to spend more time with them before this show signs off for good.

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