Saturday, November 16, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 6 “Confidence Women” (B)

This episode provided a welcome interruption from the seemingly endless battles and storylines that we’ve seen so far this season. I appreciated how the story of Lena’s friendship with Andrea was interwoven with her becoming close with Kara, something that sort of just happened on the show without much explanation. We also saw Jon Cryer as Lex again briefly, which makes me think that maybe he’ll return on a more regular basis to the show soon since a short guest spot like a lot of work if he wasn’t going to do more. I recognized two other familiar TV faces who played major roles in Andrea and Lena’s lives, though it’s possible this is the only time we’ll see them. Steven Bauer, who played Avi on “Ray Donovan” was Andrea’s father, for whom she sold her soul and agreed to be an assassin on demand for Leviathan. Rahul Kohli, who played Ravi on “iZombie,” was Jack, who was close with Lena during a time where she really needed someone and who I didn’t remember had previously appeared in a season two episode, “Ace Reporter.” I knew that Lena was going to pull Andrea away during a difficult time, but it turns out it was Andrea who betrayed her by lying about the medallion. We found out that Russell wasn’t bad just in time for him to get killed as punishment for Andrea trying to shirk her duties, along with the revelation that her powers don’t come from the medallion. Lena incepting Russell to kill himself if Andrea didn’t do what she wanted proved just how little she values other people, even those she wants called friends, and probing Eve’s memories only reinforces that.

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