Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Take Three: Outmatched

Outmatched: Season 1, Episode 3 “Grandparents” (B-)

I’m not sure that the addition of new characters who also can’t relate to these young geniuses was necessary, but it was helpful because it showed how what they did and continue to do shapes the parenting skills of Mike and Kay. Tony Danza, last seen in regular TV roles on “There’s Johnny” and “The Good Cop,” and Caroline Aaron, known for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” were good choices to play over-the-top grandparents, whose arrival immediately changed the dynamic in the house. Jay bringing frozen meat from Florida in his carry-on luggage was a decent rival for Sylvia’s inability to talk to Kay about anything other than Mike. The lessons ultimately learned about why they do those things – and why Jay didn’t want Mike to play soccer – were worthwhile, and the road there was decently entertaining if not full of heavy laughter. Brian’s inflating vest was pretty hilarious, especially when Mike and Jay went out driving look for him and Mike initially thought that some idiot had left his raft by the side of the road. Nicole experienced quite the makeover after Sylvia got to her, and hearing her talk with a strong accent she didn’t know she possessed was humorous. Marc was so focused on death that no one really got to him, while Leila best internalized her grandparents’ relationship dynamic, agreeing that a beer tastes better when a woman delivers it, a reverse psychology move on Sylvia’s part to get her husband to remain completely dependent on her.

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