Saturday, February 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dollface

Dollface: Season 1, Episode 9 “Feminist” (B+)

I know that I’ve been saying that I’d prefer to have fewer of the fantasy scenes and more of reality, but this entirely allegorical episode actually worked pretty well. Jules as Dorothy was a fitting metaphor on its own since she is eternally lost in her own life, and it worked especially well here when she tried on the shoes that Madison had left at Celeste’s to try to cover for her. Describing herself as “femin-ish” was funny and typical, and having the Women’s March as the central event was an interesting concept given that I’d imagine many people were offended by this show’s initial setup and likely judged it as anti-progressive without really sticking with it to see where it went. Celeste constantly trying to confront Jules as the Wicked Witch was clever, and I liked the way in which Stella and Izzy were both incorporated as well. Leading them to a speaker who threw out her fake eyelashes and padding seemed to be a confirmation that sometimes putting on an act is necessary, so long as you’re content with who you are and where your life is. Jules waking up to learn that it was all a dream and that she actually got calls from all the people she encountered during this fantasy trip was a helpful way of wrapping it all up and returning to reality, and I hope that the final episode sets things in a good direction. I’m pleased that Hulu has renewed this show for a second season, a fate that was less of a concern for me than for those who finished this show back when it first premiered in November.

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