Saturday, February 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 6, Episode 11 “Love is a Battlefield” (B-)

I never understand why shows like this need to have episodes themed around Valentine’s Day or other holidays. In this case, there wasn’t much going on for Barry other than the fact that Iris was acting decidedly unlike herself, something he sort of realized but wasn’t attuned enough to for him to do anything about it. That episode-ending shot of the real Iris trapped in the mirror and watching her doppelganger, or whatever she is, with Barry confirms that there’s something nefarious going on, and the fact that Barry’s concerns have been allayed means that he won’t even go looking for signs of trouble. Frost has been utilized in strange ways recently, in this case trying to help Allegra rekindle an old romance. I’m always happy with any opportunity to see Katee Sackhoff, particularly when she chews plenty of scenery as Amunet, though this was far from the best appearance she’s had on this show. I think this reminded me most of when Barry and Kara sang to each other and then realized they weren’t a romantic fit, a theoretically entertaining storyline but one that felt considerably less serious than it should have in execution. Nash continues to be a bit of a pariah, but the fact that he saw another Wells suggests that the multiverse isn’t as transformed as it should have been, and I’m curious to see what comes of that. Saving Iris will be the next challenge, and hopefully this fractured team will come together to focus and bring back one of their most important members.

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