Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 11 “Accidentally on Porpoise” (B)

I was wondering how many times this show could re-use James a character, and it’s good that Grace finally decided to smack some sense into him when he wanted to give her yet another chance. She does have an incredible penchant for not following directions, crossing the yellow line literally seconds after he told her not to, then falling in while trying to take a picture and pleasuring the porpoise so that its mating cycle was permanently disrupting. Naturally, video cameras would be in use, and for some unknown reason, even after getting fired, James was willing to try again. While he is nice and might make a good fit for her, she’s bound to screw up time and time again, and so a relationship probably isn’t the best idea. Will doing drills with a watermelon, including putting sunscreen on it, was definitely absurd, and I would never have expected that the episode would end up in a church thanks to Jack of all people. I’m not sure I buy that connection, but it was good to have some sentimentality between the two friends that wasn’t entirely based on punchlines. Leave it to Karen to go into confession thinking it’s a bathroom, more than ready to share all her misdeeds with whatever religious figure she encountered there. Actor Tony Amendola, who played Gepetto on “Once Upon a Time,” was the priest, who was smart to point out that perhaps she should try being kind and thoughtful for once. Smitty’s appearance was ridiculous as usual, and it’s hard to imagine that he survived his latest unfortunate injury. I did enjoy Jack’s reference to “NCIS” as a show that apparently exists but that no one he or Will knows has ever watched.

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