Saturday, February 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 2 “Not Just Cards” (B-)

This episode didn’t really get us too far, introducing a new semi-villain in the form of Dean’s mother, played by Jessica Walter, with her not really permitted to do too much damage before Beth made sure she wasn’t actually a threat. The news of Agent Turner’s demise created a very brief period of mourning that then made them realize that they could operate more freely and without fear. I thought I recognized Ethan Suplee, who starred in such projects as “My Name is Earl” and “American History X,” as the mover who tried to rip Beth off, but I wasn’t sure it was him since he barely had any lines and because he’s lost so much weight since both of those roles (it was). Beth was bold to go down to the moving company and threaten to report him to his parole officer, and the gamble appears to have worked. What she couldn’t she coming, however, was Rio’s return, and it’s hard to know just what he’s going to want from her after she shot him and left him for dead. Annie trying to support her newly transitioned son is going fine but she’s getting crap from her ex and his new partner, and talking to a children’s therapist, played by Rob Heaps from “Dare Me” and “Imposters,” is almost certainly going to lead to a new sexual relationship. Annie could use a potential role model after her last few disastrous romantic choices, so even though it won’t be appropriate in origin, this pairing might just be a good thing.

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