Saturday, February 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls (Season Premiere)

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 1 “Find Your Beach” (B)

Looking back on my review of the second season finale, which was all the way back in May, I really wasn’t too impressed with the direction of this show and its continued existence. Hopefully, this new premiere has changed that, though this opening episode felt very long. I’m sure it wasn’t, but I was surprised every time there was another commercial and still more material to come. All three main characters were working jobs that seemed menial and a waste of their talents, and Stan was relegated to the night shift as security at a strip club, which made Ruby very uncomfortable with topless women surrounding him and then showing up at her home to teach her daughter how her gag reflex worked. But, of course, they were only in those carefully-calculated positions to be able to have access to a lab, one-dollar bills, and the chemicals they needed to turn small change into a whole lot of fake money. Enlisting Beth’s perfectionist colleague to copy the money for them under the guise of printing it on colored paper was a smart idea, but it’s likely to come back to haunt them if she ever decides to tell anyone. Beth accepting money from Rhea, played by Jackie Cruz, best known as Flaca on “Orange is the New Black,” is also probably a bad idea, though there’s no reason right now to suspect that Rhea is communicating with the very much not-dead Rio. Escaping his hotel confinement and taking out Agent Turner means that the law isn’t coming for Beth and crew anymore, but it’s probably much more worrisome that he’s now out with a target for the woman who believes she killed him.

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