Saturday, February 29, 2020

What I’m Watching: Kidding

Kidding: Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6 “Episode 3101” and “The Death of Fil” (B+)

I was surprised by how effective the fifth episode was, featuring an installment of Mr. Pickles’ new show as Jeff decided to sign his divorce papers on-air. This show has always felt hokey in a lot of ways, but it was so meaningful to see how he wanted to convey his sadness and acceptance to his audience by having Jill stop by to appear on air as they dissolved their marriage. I also think I’ve been underappreciating Catherine Keener, who has been stealing a lot of scenes as the competitive, lonely Deirdre, who, though more jaded and prone to vulgarity, looks at the world much in the same way that Jeff does. Following that tranquil showcase of serenity up with a brutal government murder was jarring, and of course Jeff’s first reaction would be to fly across the world to honor one of his most committed employees. His tribute was touching, but what he got in return was an angry, alcohol-fueled mutiny by all of the other Mr. Pickles, who knew that they were contractually obligated to repeat what he said and were therefore potentially putting their lives in danger. That riot was not pleasant, and somehow Seb thought the most productive thing to do would be to sleep with one of them. Will was so sure that he was capable of turning back time because of all the numbers he kept seeing, and Jeff telling him that Petre was proposing to Jill made him loss all confidence in his abilities and his father, a blow that will surely hit Jeff just as hard as the loss of all of some of his international surrogates.

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