Monday, February 24, 2020

What I’m Watching: Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages: Season 2, Episode 4 “Internship” (B)

Prince Chauncley is really trying to be one of the people, complaining about his rough week in the castle with disappointing bath salts with the peasants and accidentally setting someone’s wig on fire. Lord Vexler was smart to give him a job to keep him busy that just happened to help him learn something about humanity and kindness, though the effectiveness of the lesson was reduced somewhat by Vexler threatening Eddie with death if he gave the prince any negative feedback. Despite some unfortunate pyromaniac tendencies and his ill-fated bear alert task force, Chauncley did seem to enjoy his day of hard work, so genuinely happy to be addressed as a normal person and then even going so far as to use his own spoon to feed himself when he was back at the palace for dinner. If he’s not too bright, then Mikey is even less intelligent, instantly conned by the merry band gang because he was so desperate for friendship and trapped in an infinite loop of confusion about what’s actually valuable. Fortunately, Al was able to take some time out from her book club to help him exact a bit of revenge on the band for coming into their home and stealing all of their valuables. I suspect they’ll be back again in the future to create more trouble, but it’s also possible that the antics on this show will cover many different forms of stupidity in our present-day society mirrored back at us through this medieval lens.

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