Saturday, February 1, 2020

What I’m Watching: The L Word: Generation Q (Season Finale)

The L Word: Generation Q: Season 1, Episode 8 “Lapse in Judgment” (B+)

Well, I’m glad someone got a happy ending. That one person is Alice, who gave up on her relationship all too quickly and was fortunate enough to have Nat come on her show while she was talking to Roxanne Gay and make a big public gesture that was enough for them to get back together. It took me a while this week to recognize Sepideh Moafi, who plays Gigi, in the film “The Killing of Two Lovers” at Sundance, and while she was certainly good, I was always a fan of Stephanie Allynne, who plays Nat and who I could never understand why was not credited as a series regular despite her role in Alice’s life. Things aren’t looking so sunny for Dani and Sophie, who apparently haven’t heard of cell phones in this very technical age and instead opt not to communicate and just wait classically until boarding has almost finished or there’s somewhere else to run to in the airport. Finley seemed content to go home, but I suspect Sophie will value their connection more than the distant one she’s had recently with Dani. It turns out that Dani and Bette didn’t sleep together, and Dani doesn’t seem interested in continuing to work with Bette following her loss. Shane’s relationship was never the most involving part of this show, and seeing her out there will probably be more worthwhile than if she stays with Quiara. And it’s a real shame about Micah meeting a man claiming to be Jose’s husband - that seems like the kind of thing you clarify by explaining by shouting through the door. I’ll look forward to seeing season two of this show and what comes next.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Stephanie Allynne as Nat

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